Friday, January 4, 2013

Day 11. "Dating Portlandia Style" Part 3 $25

Wherein the final tango of romance occurs between our heroine and her mixologist, as Carrie (Carrie Brownstein of the bands Excuse 17, Sleater-Kinney & Wild Flag) gives her man the best mix tape ever!  Seduction is secure.  (1 for $25 or all 3 Portlandias for $65)

("My esoteric knowledge of indie punk bands, soul grooves, and blues riffs will make you fall madly in love with me.")

O.K., peeps!  Go watch "Portlandia" Season 3, episodes 1 and 2 starting right now on IFC!  It's super hilarious!

By the way, here's our whole love story as it originally appeared on Season 2, episode 1.

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