Monday, January 28, 2013

Day 35. "The Dipping Sauce Gave It Away" $25

A friend tells me today that two Georgia men stole $65,000 worth of chicken wings in broad daylight from their place of employment.  There's a big chicken wing shortage going on, which could spell certain havoc at Superbowl parties across the nation.  Seeing a money-making opportunity, they allegedly used a forklift to load 10 pallets worth of Tyson frozen chicken wings into a rental truck.  The men were arrested and released upon posting bail, but the whereabouts of the chicken wings remain a mystery.

I think this is an easily solvable case.  My Columbo-like mind reasons that if the police just track grocery store sales of Buffalo Bleu Cheese Dipping sauce ingredients, they'll be able to find out where this SUPER, SUPERBOWL party is taking place!

"We got ya'.  No one eats that many vegetables on Superbowl Sunday unless you're making dipping sauce for $65,000 (worth) of chicken wings."

Or as our friend Yulandist says:

 "I just get enough to season it, 
freeze it, 
and cook it up when I need it."

That philosophy sure would have kept those dudes outta trouble! (-;

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