Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Day 22. Irritable Bowel Winter Coat SOLD

Today I was walking out of work with my fabulous friends, Janna and Ashlee.  I kept seeing this bright, white, something, on the back of Janna's coat.

As I plucked at it, I said to her, "I'm trying to pull out this feather."

"Ugh, she replies in disgust.  "This damn coat is shitting feathers."

Ah, sweet Janna--your angelic utterances reveal the "Black Swan" living within you! (-;  She's a spicy one (with the most wonderful short little haircuts!)!

And it continues on the bottom of this canvas.

I used some molding paste and Cloud Clay on this one...fun stuff. (-:  Check out that diamond! Congrats, Janna and Todd!

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