Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Day 37. "I'm so tired - a.k.a. that darn YouTube" $25

Cool room, soft sheets, dark skies outside creeping into my abode and weighting my eyelids down.  It was so hard to get up this morning.  My husband leaves a lot earlier than I do for work so it's just me and our animals lounging around in the a.m.  Strangely, even my dog never once arose from his bed.  In the bathroom, I could hear the soft and steady, click, click, click of the second hand. Quiet.  A few cats wandered in, but they too immediately curled up on the floor.  Did we all take a Tylenol P.M.?  Is there a gas leak taking us gently down into never, neverland?  I know what my problem was.  I stayed up far too late watching one of my favorite actors on a late night Irish talk show.  What?  Who? I know you're asking. (-;  And I'm telling...but on February 1st--at the beginning of the month of love when you will understand why I caused myself to look like a gangrene zombie in the morning.  Because he is soooooooooo worth it. (-;

And a little additional treat--one of my favorite Beatle's songs from "The White Album."


  1. You are a good artist AND a good writer!

    1. Thank you, Gina. What a wonderful compliment. (-:

      And you are a phenomenal quilter!

      Good readers if you're reading this comment, check out Gina being FEATURED in Quilt magazine: