Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Day 15. "Canine Frenching-UGH" $25

People, I might be in a slow down for awhile.  I have strep throat and bronchitis and just got all my meds.  If I'm unable to paint, I'll still make sure I fulfill my 365 painting-a-day committment by year's end.  Right now I am going to go sleep.

O.K., hopefully I didn't get the strep the following way (just kidding, I've felt myself weakening for a week prior to this event last night.)  My sweet beagle boy, Ebert, and I were having a little love fest.  I was telling him what a good boy he was, how sweet he is (when he's not eating our house and chasing our cats), and suddenly he gives me a little doggie kiss--but, OMG, his tongue hit inside my mouth.  My immediate thought was yuck, gross, wipe my mouth out, etc.  Then I thought, this doesn't say much for my love life--the most recent French kiss I get is from my dog?! Oh boy.  Should I delete this post and save myself from embarrassment?  Nah.  It's the truth...it really happened.  Plus, no way do I feel well enough to come up with something else.

The true Ebert as a 10-week old puppy.


  1. Hilarious story. I was just having the same conversation with my chi this morning. So glad to hear I'm not the only one that gets attacked from those random (ill-placed) kisses. Best wishes on your art project, what an amazing story you will have at the end of the year? I enjoy your blog with my coffee for sure! Thanks. Feel better.

    1. Crockett--Thank you for commenting--I'm glad you can relate! I love your phrase "ill-placed kisses." (-: What can you do, right? Just a crazy part of life, at least laced with love. Thank you even more for your encouragement and for reading. It's a honor to think I am part of your day.