Saturday, January 12, 2013

Day 19. Upon watching "The New World"

Have you ever seen Terrence Malick's, "The New World" from 2006?  I just saw it again on t.v., and there are parts that are so breathtakingly beautiful--where the music, pristine nature, and scenes of gentle love unfolding--come together, that you almost find yourself holding your breath, eyes transfixed to the screen. 

I searched and searched YouTube for the best part, where Colin Farrell and Q'orianka Kilcher teach each other words.  Farrell is such a fantastic actor in this quiet scene, his eyes almost pained in his conflicted attempts at hiding his attraction to her.  Alas, I guess I'm the only one who was amazed by this segment.  Anyway, I will leave you with my sketch of one of the warriors of the tribe and a wonderful romantic clip, since I'm quite a romantic girl and like that sort of thing.

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