Friday, January 25, 2013

Day 32. Watching "The Birds" $30

Ah, Friday!  You've made it through another work week...freedom awaits!  Off to the bank and off to the grocery store.  At home, I unload everything and see that Alfred Hitchcock's, "The Birds" will soon be on t.v.  I really have never seen that show in its entirety. Plus, I keep catching pieces of HBO's "The Girl" with Sienna Miller, about Hitchcock's obsession with Tippi Hedren while filming "The Birds" and "Marnie."  So, my husband is working late, I'm intrigued, and this is a good way to huddle into the comfort of the weekend.  It only took the first bird attack to decide what the painting for the day will be!

Afterwards, I have a stomachache.  Wow, that movie really affected me...except then I realize it's because I went grocery shopping.  I had eaten some organic blueberries; a Green and Black's organic Almond Chocolate Bar; 3 pieces of Delusso's roasted turkey lunchmeat with mustard; some Hubert's Limeade; and an entire package (2 servings, 60 calories) of roasted Korean seaweed in sesame oil.  That Hitchcock was a genius! (-;

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