Thursday, January 31, 2013

Day 38. "I Was Just Going to Call You" SOLD.

I have a great friend, Cindy.  She is hilarious!  She treats us every Friday with a "happy dance" and no one tells a story with better delivery than Cinderella!  One of the best qualities she has is really appreciating you for your special qualities; that, and her incredible sense of humor.  AND she's a fantastic baker!  If you're in her presence for more than 2 minutes, you can't help but start laughing.  Whenever she starts a story, she begins by saying, "O.K." ....  All she has to utter are those two letters, and I'm already cracking up, because I know I'm in for a treat.  Anyway, here's a little exchange we had recently.  I bet you have a Cindy in your life, too!

Look below--This little phone is magnetized--isn't that so cute?  Now I've got it to my ear--you know, those "old-fashioned" type of phones. Poor little phone, I miss you.

Here are some pics of Cindy, with an updo, visiting my art booth last August.  And her little, tiny feet. (-:


  1. Can I call you fabulous, too?! This was too much fun!

    1. Well, gosh darn it, Natasha, that is so sweet of you to say that! (-: Hugs and kisses I am sending out to you! Thank you so much. (-: