Thursday, May 2, 2013

Day 127. Happy May Day--Here's A Bouquet of Electricity!

I've been gone for awhile, and here's the reason:  a deceptive May Day bouquet of electricity from the universe.   Sometimes the universe is evil, ya' know.

Here's how it went.

Instead of giving me a beautiful bouquet of flowers on May 1st, Mother Nature delivered a gift of a different sort to my area.

We lost power; my workplace closed because it was functioning in pure darkness; and I was left in this world without access to my computer.  Unthinkable!  I'm now realizing how many times I trip to the web to look up something.  Does Williams-Sonoma still carry vanilla-bean paste?  Who starred in that French movie, "Best Friends?"  What is the weather like in the next 10 days?  I mean, it goes on and on.

My nervousness mainly was for my ability to get my artwork uploaded, but I wasn't really too worried yet.  Word was, we would have power in 3 hours.  Well, it took way longer than that, but we indeed got our power back.  Except.  Except both our computer and our backup system seemed fried.  No matter how many different outlooks or extension cords we tried to plug them into, nothing connected.

Now, I'm just remaining calm--like I'm in this strange zone--what do you call it--oh yes, PURGATORY!  I'm in a purgatory of waiting--waiting to see if I will zoom into heaven or hell with renewed or denied computer access.  I'm only slightly trembling...for now.  Waiting for the word from "Nerds On Call."

Until I can get my artwork uploaded, I am still working away on them.

They say that the universe sometimes sends you obstacles to see how serious you are about your goals.  I was thinking, "I thought I already got those obstacles--couple of rough sicknesses--wasn't that enough of an obstacle?  Ha! (-: It's alright.  It will make the victory all the more sweet! Mwah!

Well, it's now May 12th--I was without my computer for that long!  I'll start posting these babies now.  Did you miss me? (-;

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