Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Day 142. Anastasia Donned A Cossack Hat

Anastasia was so in love with her photographer boyfriend, she agreed to wear a fur (faux, of course!) Cossack hat in the middle of spring so he could get his shot for Vogue's winter issue.

She sighed as she felt sweat trickle down her neck.  She would do anything to secure his love so she imagined herself as Julie Christie in "Dr. Zhivago," put on her white-pink lipstick, and smiled broadly.

She wore her heart not only on her sleeve, but completely outside of herself, leading her actions like a brilliant lightbulb of an idea.  If I do this for him, he'll fall for me in turn.  Would her plan work?  She'd like to think so.  But under the sun's rays, she began to wonder, was her heart still melting for him or was it just perspiration running underneath her ridiculous purple jumpsuit?

I loved how this one turned out.  I had too much paint on another canvas, and I used this canvas to wipe the extra paint off the other.  When I pulled it away, I was left with something that resembled a silhouette.  I positioned the canvas so the paint continued to run down the bottom edge of it.  I also took Liquitex ink! in yellow oxide and let it run down all the sides in whatever way it wanted.  From the top, the jumper looks like I missed painting it purple in spots, but I didn't want to mess with it.  I loved the effect it left as it continued onto the bottom edge.  There you have it!  How Anastasia came to be!

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