Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Day 155. SmartPhone Saga Continuation - a.k.a Electronic Phone Hell

Well, this is not the drawing I thought I would be posting tonight--I've still got loads to post of Summer Camp and at least one painting from the Black Crowes concert I went to last night (thought that was the one I would be posting), but after spending more quality time at Target than I ever thought possible, still trying to get a working phone, here's what I've got:

As you can see, I was there a loooooooooooooooooong time.  Thank goodness I have my Strathmore Watercolor Visual Journal with me at all times.

If you remember my mournful loss of my flip phone (May 12th, Day 138. "Goodbye My Dearest Flip Phone"), I got a smartphone, which stopped functioning after 2 weeks.  Back we went to "Tar-jay."  We had our 7-page printout of a receipt, but not the receipt that said we had paid $.02 for them.  So we bought a track phone, since I was off to "Summer Camp" and who knows what was going to happen there!   Later, we found the $.02 receipt, which I returned with tonight.  They didn't have the phone I wanted, then...they did.  They couldn't find my account in the computer, then...they could. (I'm shortening this, mightily!)

Finally, they sold me the phone, but they had run out of ink in their printer and couldn't print me out the confirmation receipt, "but I didn't really need it anyway." Ho! Ho! Ho!  Then, while the clerk was trying to make the phone work, it kept giving a message that there was no SIM card in the phone, even though there was.  Did I mention that this was the "new" phone?  Sooooooooooooooooo, could I just return tomorrow when the manager was in?  She'll know what's wrong.

OMG, I always thought the "third times a charm" but perhaps it's the 4th...or the 5th?  I can't make this stuff up, people!  Am I demagnetizing these phones with my magnetic personality?  Yes, that MUST be it! (-;  Ha!  Oh, boy. 

I must say, all the clerks have been helpful, and I just zoomed off into Zen drawing land while this last episode was going on.  I just think, how much frustration have those stuffed little android creatures seen for every phone sold?  I hope they're in La-La land.

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