Thursday, May 23, 2013

Day 145. Robert Turned His Nose Up At The Day

Unbelievable!  First he couldn't find the belt to his smoking jacket and now his espresso machine wouldn't work?

Robert turned his nose up at the day and went back to bed.

When I first started this painting, I had the canvas upside side.  Once I had rubbed some Winsor & Newton drawing ink into the canvas, I thought I could see a penguin yelling at its offspring.  I flipped it around and saw "Robert" instead and so went that way.  Now when I turn the finished product upside down, I get this below.  It looks like a monster having a good time in a go cart* with headlights. Ha!  I think you could spin this one according to your mood. (-:

*Just an aside, I see spellings for this word as go cart, go-cart, go kart, gokart, go-kart.  Wild.

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