Friday, May 31, 2013

Day 157. "Shut Your Eyes to the Outside World." (SOLD)

I love the movie and book, "The Secret."  You can get an email subscription to "The Secret Daily Teachings" through their website.  One I particularly liked, printed, and saved was from 10/3/11.  I don't want to violate any copyright laws by printing the entire thing here, but there was one line in it that said, "Shut your eyes to the outside world."    There are a couple of different contexts in which you can take this...Rhonda Byrne wrote about shutting your mind to the material world and (basically saying) finding the answer within.

I also think of it as shutting your eyes--and ears--to people telling you how to live; what you're supposed to be doing or not doing;disapproving looks and responses.  Shut your eyes to the outside world--the answer is still within.

(Acrylic, India ink, liquid acrylic, glitter)

Quote all around

How it started--fast sketch

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