Saturday, October 5, 2013

Day 284. Something in the Skies (No Longer Available)

Watch out, Midwesterners.  A big-time storm seems to be brewing out there--hail, strong winds, rain, and hopefully enough push to blow this extreme humidity outta here!

Several thoughts are going through my mind:

1)  I wanted to call this "Something Wicked This Way Comes"--don't you just LOVE that Ray Bradbury story?  And don't you just love Ray Bradbury?

2) There was an episode of "Ace of Cakes" from the Food Network a few years ago, and the star, Duff Goldman, was driving across the United States in a big RV for some reason--well, I'm sure to deliver a cake and meet up with his cohorts somewhere--and he was driving through the Midwest in the middle of summer, and there were these beautiful lightening storms illuminating the skies with a magic show.  He exclaimed, "Man I love the Midwest."  We just had one of those at dusk earlier this week as I was driving home from work.  Purple over here, pink over there, ominous yellowish-green and brown in the distance--that "unreal" ominous color you hope goes away.  Sudden razor-sharp bolts of lightening ripping through the sky and then leaving a glow of residue fading into darkness.  It actually is spectacular.  Nature's fireworks if you will.  On the other hand, that same mixture of humidity and heat and swirling rain coming through that makes corn reach unnatural heights also creates some terrifying, atmospheric moments.

3)  I like how this man's eyes turned out; liquid color dripping down and slowly seeping up into his sockets.  Do you remember the "X-Files" (I never missed a single episode!) and the stuff called "Black Oil" (also called "Purity" or "Black Cancer")?  It was an alien virus that survived in petroleum deposits that would invade humans with an alien life force.  That's what the eye color reminds me of--just technicolor instead of black.  Why are the very best shows--"X-Files" and "Lost" no longer running?  Where are their intelligent, thought-provoking replacements?  Anyway, the "black oil" first appeared in the episode "Piper Maru" and lastly in "Vienen."    Below is the best showing I could find of Black Oil on YouTube.

Be safe!

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