Saturday, October 19, 2013

Day 298. She Only Wanted to Eat Scrambled Eggs

O.K., I most definitely did not paint this baby in one day.  In fact, she's been hanging around since January.  I worked on her, and left her.  You see, she's really me going through a phase where the only thing I wanted to eat was scrambled eggs.  Scrambled eggs with sriracha sauce; with shallots; with chives and truffle salt; with organic feta cheese; with extra-sharp cheddar.  Whatever, I just couldn't get enough.  The other day I tried to make scrambled eggs, and the smell of them made me feed them to the dog.  I guess I'm over that phase for awhile, but here was my tribute.

Anyway, while I'm painting and drawing a painting a day, I'm also frequently working on larger pieces as well.  I didn't touch her for so long, because I liked the way she looked and didn't want to "mess her up." However, I have a show coming up, and I had to finish this gal.  Tonight I thought, you've got to let her go--you're done.  And so she is.

 16" x 20" Acrylic, peacock feathers, beads, scrambled eggs

 The turquoise/teal background has glitter in it--can you see above?

The peacock feathers in her hair and on her sweater came from a pillbox hat that I traded a painting for at an art show.  Ebert got a hold of it and tore a small hole in it.  It was ruined for wearing, but it wasn't ruined for mixed media.
 3-D Egg

Close-up of table cloth.

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