Monday, October 14, 2013

Day. 293. Wrapped in Indecision

About the 3rd week in August, I was struggling with a decision that I was somehow incapable of settling within myself.  Ugh.  I wrestled back and forth with something, and I found myself finally sitting down with a canvas and, in frustration, came up with what you see below.

Well, actually, I only got so far, and in keeping with the theme of the painting, couldn't bring myself to complete it until now.

As for me, the decision was made for me by my indecision.  You know how it is just full of lessons.  I went the practical route instead of the impractical--my usual modus operandi--and regretted it.  I'll apply that hard-earned knowledge the next time around and keep to the action that doesn't make sense.


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