Monday, October 28, 2013

Day 307. Apple Cider Obsession

About a month ago, wait, I can tell you the exact date:  Sunday, September 22nd.  On that particular Sunday, I had such a hankering for some apple cider.   It was strange, because in the morning I woke up, opened my eyes, and in my first state of consciousness, two words popped into my mind--apple cider.  That's weird, I thought.

I continued with my day, but throughout it, the taste of apple cider would swirl in my brain and invade my begging taste buds.  We have a local farm stand--well, it's more than a farm stand--but anyway, we have one several towns over from where I live.  It's about a 15 minute drive through the country.  I knew they would be closing soon, but some long finger of autumn kept tapping me on my shoulder, apple cider, apple cider.  I finally relented, drove out to the farm stand 20 minutes before they closed, and purchased this fruity liquor (just a term, it's non-alcoholic (-:).  Once I got it home, it was gone within two days, and I haven't had a craving for it since.  What a bizarre occurrence, but I don't question these things.  I am a slave to the dictates of the season.

Finally, here is the painting I have held in my mind for some time.

Here are some other sightings from that day.

I see a thumbs up in this picture and a platypus!

 Doesn't that gourd look like a swan or a goose looking behind itself?

 I thought this pumpkin was hilarious--as if it were driving the cart itself.  I snapped a picture and a little girl said to her parents, "She took a picture of my pumpkin!"  She wasn't happy. ha!

 I love the warty pumpkins, fabulous in their irregularities.

 Safely in my car, home we go, cider man!

Some super expensive raw honey.

Just about to quench this urge!

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