Saturday, October 26, 2013

Day 305. Petunias Long In The Tooth and Teeth As Long As Fingers

I didn't set out to make a terrifying picture, and really, if you look, the eyes aren't malevolent.  Here's how this one came about.

About a month ago, I was walking along checking out the neighborhood and ended up on a street section that I don't usually frequent.  Someone had a basket of petunias sitting outside.  You know how petunias start to look as their season comes to an end, spindly vines and sparse, small flowers?  That's how this plant looked.  I thought, "Boy, those petunias are getting long in the tooth."

Well, that did it.  Another part of my brain was triggered.  At a gathering about 4 or 5 years ago (I have a pretty good memory, people), a girl named Cera, who works at a vet's office, relayed how a woman came in and said, "Mah dawg needs a rabies (shot)."  She said her teeth were as long as fingers.  Well, who could ever forget a descriptive phrase like that?  Not I!  I planted it in the back of my mind, and thought, someday I will use that...

So there you have it.   In any event, it goes along with the Halloween season. (-;
Petunias Long In The Tooth and Teeth As Long As Fingers
Here's a few more views--the viny flowers go all around--or in more beautiful Spanish--
"alrededor de"
(Ahl-ray-day-door Day)


P.S. As I was painting the petunia portion of this, I was watching one of my favorite movies of all time, "After Hours" directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Griffin Dunne, Rosanna Arquette, Teri Garr, Linda Fiorentino and on and on.  I love those weird, whacked out movies.  It just seemed like the perfect background flick while creating this baby. 

I was going to put the movie trailer here, but there is this upbeat Monkey's song ("Take the Last Train to Clarksville") playing which skews the movie towards seeming like a comedy. )-:  Let's just say, it's definitely a black comedy.  The clip below is better indication of its bizarre, surreal fantasticness!


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