Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Day 308. Gida Finally Revealed Her Hair Color Secret - No Longer Available

Friends had begged her to reveal the secret to her captivating hair color, and finally Gida gave it up:  "Eggplant," she said with a glint in her eye.  All bad girls knew it was the most daring of colors, even rivaling jet black.  It said to the world, "That's right, I'm beautiful, and I'm not afraid to be noticed."

But how did she get those variances in shade, some violet, some lavender, some almost red?  At that question, Gida shook her glossy strands.  She wasn't about to give away all her secrets!


That purply-red hair color (I call it black bing cherry, too) is my all-time favorite.  My friend, Shelley, always colored her hair that color in college and throughout her twenties and early thirties.  Here's a gorgeous picture of her with her first child, Lucas.  I'm including a pic. of her (with a bit darker shade) and her second baby, Quincey, just because Q-girl is so darn cute!

Currently, my co-worker Lisa has colored her hair the same color, and it looks fabu on her, too.  Unfortunately, I don't have a photo of Lisa, but I do know that about a week ago some man followed her around the store and stopped her to tell her how awesome her shade was.

Sadly, being the super-pale-faced chiquita that I am, I can't pull it off. They've got the right skin-tone, you see...and an endless supply of eggplant. (-;

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