Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Day 288. Yearnin' for a Katz's Reuben (with Al Green) (SOLD)

Yearnin' for a Katz's Reuben

Since this dude is sportin' a Brooklyn retro-vibe, my playlist went retro.

1) Al Green.

Here's the ne plus ultra (ultimate) version of "Tired of Being Alone."  SOUL SCHOOL--sign me up! 

Just look at those shoes, those powder-blue polyester pants and that matching vest. 
Listen to those unmatchable vocals! 
He's one cool, soul-singing man.

2)  Staple Singers - "I'll Take You There" -
Ah, memories - dancing to this after shots of tequila and beer chasers (never to be repeated).  Well it was just one tequila and one beer chaser.  I'm not that crazy! 

3) One of my favorite 45's ever--Gwen McCrae's "Rockin' Chair."  Pure happiness! (-:

P.S.  This painting, after I initially smeared paint on it with my fingers, looked like a woman's breast with a nippity nip.  It actually was quite beautiful, and I was going to call it, "Lifegiver" or "La Leche Para El Mundo" (Milk for the World/World's Milk), but I figured I'd get all sorts of flack from Facebook, so off for a reuben sandwich it became.  One of these days when I get an official website done, I'll put a section of erotica.  Which really probably won't be erotic, but you know how some people are:  beautiful human body pieces equals a "you-are-a-freak" sentiment. 

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