Saturday, October 12, 2013

Day 291. She Liked Her Square Jaw and Ladybugs

Basking in an early autumn sunny day, Violet felt happy to be alive.  She was grateful for the sun on her face, the beautiful breezes, her pronounced square jaw, and ladybugs, preferably pink.

It was a gorgeous day Friday.  We got out of work early, because a water main had broken.  It was about 80 F, mild, windy, beautiful.  I sat out of my steps reading, drawing, and watching ladybugs fly around which is how this picture developed.  Later my friend Cindy and I had dinner out on the sidewalk, café style (-;.  She had French Onion soup and a snickers martini.  I had a Cabernet and decaf coffee.  We split pâté, bruschetta with mozzarella and prosciutto, Sap Sago cheese with dried fruit and salted Marcona almonds, and a slice of marzipan crème cake.  Such a wonderful summery, fall day in life.

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