Sunday, October 6, 2013

Day 285. Do You and Do You? We Do.

"Do You and Do You?" 
"We Do."

Someone asked me to describe my process, and sometimes, like with this painting, it's hard to describe.  This was supposed to be about my friend Cindy and me hanging out at Starbucks on Friday night after we had went out to eat.  I was telling her that I felt my "out-of-body me" was floating above us thinking, I'm having so much fun!  Instead, I smeared paint all over the canvas, and as often happens, I saw a face in the paint--it was the man.  I could see the eyes of the woman, too, but not her whole face.  The minister started as just a back of a head, and the wedding guests/parents/attendants/what-have-you, I completely drew in.  I didn't see it as a wedding party yet; rather, I saw it as a group of people...somewhere. 
By this point, Cindy and I had long been forgotten (I'll have to do that one another time.)  I wanted something on the bottom of the canvas so I drew the girl's hand.  But then I could see a shadow and space above it, and thought, he should be holding her hand.  At some point after that, they suddenly became newlyweds.  This development happens all the time, which makes it hard to describe or photograph, step 1, step 2, step 3.  Sometimes magic just happens on that canvas even when you start out with a plan.  (And sometimes it's hard to pull anything out of that stark whiteness, and that's when you despair and think you're completely depleted!  Anyway, that's not the case for this snapshot of marital bliss. (-;)

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